Human Speed Implemementation in Bots

I need to implement a max speed to my bots equal to the real speed of a human.
I have available scientific data about human speed, I have set the proper distances in meters in my project, but the speed set in UE4 can only be set in a different metric system (a single number) and not in m/s.
Is there a way to set the max speed and other speed variables in a m/s mode? is there a way to calcualte it?
Thank you in advance!

All transform uses centimeters for position. Character movement component(that has any “Character” derived actors) has max walk speed property which by default is set to 600 (cm/s)

The speed in the character movement component is in Unreal Units per second. Meaning cm per second.

So max speed=300 is 3m/s?

That is correct.

Thank you very much!!!