Human Resource


Last couple of weeks I was working on this scene.

All the modeling is done in Modo, from highpoly to game ready lowpoly models. Baked normal map, ambient occlusion and id map in Modo by using the rounded shader, cage and exploded mesh. A whole scene is modeled in a modular system, there are about twenty modular pieces around the scene.All texturing is done in Substance Painter, created couple smart materials that are is used in a scene. Imported in Unreal Engine and start adding decals, particals, reflection, audio and lightmap density setup to the scene. There are few master materials, so I can change roughness, normal strength, emissive and main color in material instances. The lightmap density is in skarsnik green range and baked by using a wonderful GPU Lightmass in five minutes. The lighting is done by using emissive light from the main top ceiling and only a few spotlights are added to light up dark places. Post-Process is also done in Unreal.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment. Any kind of comment is more than welcome.

Thanks for watching!