Human Gyroscope


I’m trying to make a human gyroscope (known as an Areotrim) using physics.

I made a crude model in 3DS Max, skinned it and used a few bones where the joins should be.

Here it is in UE:

The problem I’m having is that I’m not getting the results I want. I’ve tried several different things. Essentially, the root bone is kinematic (works on base stand and outer ring). The other bones (one for each inside ring.) Those are simulated with rotation allowed only on one axis. There is also a bone connecting each ring bone, but I removed them from the simulation. I also included them in the sim but did not allow any rotation, so they would be locked to their parent bone.

Anyway, this is what I get:

I can’t figure out why the inner two ring jump to a different location. I have disabled collision and locked linear movement.

Any thoughts?