Human Experience Simulator

Project Title: Human Experience Simulator

This is an art project with a quick turn around (1 week) so I’m looking for talent that can model and animate directly in Unreal Engine 4 (I’m using version 4.10.1). I’ve created characters, animations, and rigging using Mixamo.Com and I need these models inserted into a custom scene. The File format of the models is .fbx.

I need one 3D Character Artist, experienced with UE4 toolset to create, rig and animate Player & NPCs. Please only UE4 experienced applications/requests.

The product will be developed and ran in Unreal Engine 4 using an Oculus Rift as the viewing display. Please email (daniels81 @ hotmail dot com) me with your skill set, rates, and availability.

My Previous Art Projects:
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daniels81 at hotmail dot com
Deigratia A. Daniels

Yes, yes, I am modelling directly in Unreal Engine! Contact me!