[HUGE UPDATE] Fist Full of WESTERN MUSIC + stingers & dynamic options

Howdy partner!

I’ve just released a new update which has greatly expanded this already well loved 5-star music pack!
I hope this can serve many of you well. Feel free to leave a comment if there’s anything else you’d like in the pack for future updates.

Check out the pack and full previews here:


Turn up the heat with this fist full of western music by composer and voltage architect Voltz Supreme.

In true Spaghetti Western style, these** looping tracks, stems and stingers** will bring out the good, bad, and the ugly aspects of any wild west game. This collection also includes two dynamic music compositions which use the simple vertical stem method.


  1. The Big Title

  2. Desert Eagle

  3. Buffalo Stampede

  4. Mystery at Sundown

  5. The Horse With No Rider

  6. We Wait

  7. The Hunt - The Journey

  8. The Hunt - The Thrill

  9. The Hunt - The Terror

  10. Chasing Victory

  11. Chasing Victory II

  12. In This Town

  13. One Shot Jones

  14. One Shot Jones II

  15. ****** Cowboy

  16. The People of the Raven


Buffalo Stampede - 5x Stems
The Hunt - 11x Stems


  1. Whistle & Guitar
  2. Snare & Bell (B, D, E & F#)
  3. Snare
  4. Jew Harp
  5. Rattle
  6. “Hargh”
  7. Guitar Shimmer