Huge thanks!!

Hello all who work for Epic. This post is mostly a thank you, and once I tell you why you should understand. Since Wednesday to Friday I spent my time in the hospital, which my wife had a huge multiple sclerosis attack, which left her dizzy, and extremely weak. She now has 2-3 new lesions on her brain. I already have an android developers licence and now have subscribed to the UE4. I am a recent graduate from Westwood, and been taking sometime away from programming for a little while to give my wife more attention. However, with this most recent attack I am even more desperate to build my game. I fill coolers for gas stations for a measly $9.50 an hour, I live in a small town where there aren’t any companies to program for, and I have to build my game as a means to maybe get my wife some medical treatment. After this last attack I am afraid for her condition and fear that these attack will leave her paralyzed. Right now she can use a pair of hiking poles to walk around, but I’m still having to be very near her. Her eyes twitch out making her dizzy, and she is weak, almost like she is learning to walk all over. We hope symptoms will be better after three doses of a strong ******* the the hospital administered.
To get to the point…I wanted to thank you for making it easier on me to build a game, although I don’t make much money right now, and my wife is probably going to have to reduce her work schedule, I hope that using the UE4 as a means to provide for me, my wife and my two girls, so we don’t have to struggle so bad with deciding between medical bills and food or rent.
I used UDK3 during school and did some of my best work utilizing kismet and having a DJ friend make music for my menu screen and stage. I am still figuring out the blueprint system and am not having much luck doing what I want to, but I’ll get it.
Again thanks guys so much for the opportunity to use your engine to get something out into the world, that brings joy to others. I’m also glad you are using C++ as your engine base. Using unreal script was very difficult to me, but I was able to follow along with most of the coding syntax. I have the most experience in C++, but I have used C#, Java, Assembly language, some XML and a whole two classes based on Unreal Engine 3. I was a fan of UD3 and I loved the work I did using it.
Anyway I’m sure I have wasted enough of your time, but as someone who had games to raise them, I want to be able to give joy to those people and kids who have nothing but games to understand them. Thanks again. One day I hope to work with people as talented as yourselves or be successful enough to work from home and give my wife and kids the attention and love they deserve.

Hi Spyder X,

We are very grateful to have a community of such dedicated and passionate developers such as yourself, and we are truly sorry to hear of the difficulties facing your wife and your family right now. It brings us great happiness to be able to share a toolset and services which can help to spread the joy you are working so hard to create; and we are honored to be able to empower you to do so. Please watch your inbox as we would like to continue this discussion

Wishing you and your family all the very best,

-Stephen & all of Epic Games

Hi Spyder X,

I am truly sorry to hear about your wifes condition. This community is more like a family. We come, stay, chat with our members, have little fights and share our joys and we had get togethers too. That said, i am pretty sure there are members here who will be willing to help you. Since there are lots of US members (and i assume you live in US too) here i am sure you will get a lot of help.

May God’s Healing Grace Be Yours.

This is one thread that brought tears to my eyes. :frowning:
I wish you all the best and hope you make it with your game Spider X. My best wishes to your wife too…
If I can help in any way along the road, please feel free to drop me a PM here on the forums, or via the contact email address on my website, (link in my signature)


So sorry to hear about the condition you and your family is in, Spyder X. As others said there are a ton of people in the community who can help you at least speed up your game and/or solve the problems you may run into while making it. Don’t hesitate to PM me too whenever you get stuck and i’ll do my best to help you out.

My best wishes to your wife.

Thanks everyone, I am working hard to present a fun game. I only have the one downside…time. I work 40 hours a week, take care of my girls and my wife, get about 2 hours of sleep everyday, and yet still usually have a pretty good sunny disposition everyday. I takes a lot of bad stuff to happen to my family for me to, “not” have a good day. It is nice to hear from others how much support one has. Thanks everyone!

It really sucks that you and your family have to go through this sort of thing Spider, I wish you and your family all the best, I hope your wife’s condition improves.