Huge project

Hello guys
I have huge area about 150 000 square meters, with 20 villas on it. I have everything modeled in 3ds max with materials, but now I need to send everything to UE. Can you give me some directions because I dont want to make big mistakes and later to do staff that I need to do on beginning. So I have 2 i7 computers, in one inside is gtx660 OC and in other gtx980. Is that enough for this big area? So now I need to unwarp my models and then bring inside UE. What are limitations of UE and how to control so big scene so it doesnt get laggy. Also I will need rigged people do you have any recommendations? I will post other questions and problems during my work on this thread :slight_smile:

the gtx980 should be sufficant but not the gtx660. the 660 won’t have the GPU neseccary to build lighting.

For something that large you will want to use World Composition:
You’re within the max size for a single level, but there can be issues at that size anyways since the precision will be lower as you get further away from the origin.

For something that large you can’t use baked lighting though, so you won’t need to unwrap an additional UV set for lighting. The issue is that you will have such a large area that it will use too much memory to bake the lighting since it has to load everything at once. Something that size would also take up a lot of disc space for the lightmaps.

The GPU is not involved in building lighting. Baked lighting is calculated using the CPU and the amount of geometry and textures is limited by how much RAM you have.

make each villa a sub-level to stream it and its interior details in only when really required. pm me for further details.

tnx guys, i have 16 G of ram but I will put inside more, i7 3930K, Is it possible to create chunks of map? I can divide 3 regions? Also I saw degrading geometry, I know what it is but I have never used it neither in max or in UE… I played GTA 5 one two years ago, and I was thinking how does they build such large map on PS3? I saw that buildings far behind are in some fog and they are not visible also character have radius of creating geometry, so sometimes when I drove car very fast, hardware doesnt have time to respond and some geometry is degraded and textures not loaded, anyway I wont drive fast cars on my map, is it possible to implement such thing in my project? I am relatively new in UE so what would you recommend me to start with? I will later need characters and cars (moving realisticly like on street) is there something good on market? @Vollgaser Tnx I will I have no idea what sub level stream is :slight_smile: maybe something like proxy or xref in max. I am starting this and I will have a lot of questions wait till it come :slight_smile: going to read world composition :stuck_out_tongue:

You won’t be able to bake lightning, but ironically, localized real time GI like VXGI should work without issues, and deliver a great result once tweaked for performance rendering, as it’s using a voxelized space around the viewport.