Huge problems with materials and lighting UE 4.27

Hello guys, I am stuck with this new version. I made a room using brushes. I added materials etc. And there are several problems:

  1. when I convert brush to static material I am getting some unexpected reflections, and the entire room looks like it is from a horror movie/game, etc. Like there is some paint spilled on some places, and there is some monster lurking in the swamp ( the room is for weddings!)
  2. Gold material from the starter pack is black. Entirely.
  3. I tried to put on different kinds of lights - but there is none of it!
  4. Every time I build something there is an eternity to finish the task.
  5. Putting lightmass… (people know what I mean ) is expanding building lights time enormously and I still have the same problem with lights.
  6. Randomly, after changing brushes to static I was getting abnormal fog density!

I was following tutorials, online lessons, and really I don’t have any idea what is going on here! I only know that everything what I was doing without any problem is now wasting my time! And I have some deadlines and promises to fulfill. Last 4 days are hell. Please help.

Hmm just to confirm, are you trying to add material to BSP geometry ?
If so, usually we used BSP for test play collision or block area, BSP from my understanding are very low polys and that could be why it affecting your material (especially if you use tessellation).
The solution would be to subdivide them or create normal static mesh from blender.

If that not the case, post some pics here of the artefacts and the workflow of your material.

I was converting brushes to static materials, but after that, the collision became a nightmare. Before that, I only wanted to put on some lights, because I have them a lot, but no effect even on the floor neither before changing BSP to SM neither after.

It BSP to static mesh not static material and i recommend to use blender, create your model there and import it in ue4. You gonna run a lot of issues if you plan to use BSP, it is more like a placeholder.
BSP is not recommended for level design (as stated in the doc Geometry Brush Actors | Unreal Engine Documentation )

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Thank you very much. Earlier I didn’t have problems because I didn’t do it on this level. But I must say that this is a great waste of potential.

np, well there was a time i thk previous year, there was an internal feature for 3d modelling in experimental but was abandoned. But ye online tutorial can sometime be confusing when there too much info (web design is even worse now) , i say go for their official ue4 training courses on youtube or their official course academy.

I made this with 4.26 and the

spotlight is red color 1000 cd, so really what is going on? Light is not working in any version for me as before…
I was following tutorials for a year, ok I thought that maybe brush can be changed( my mistake) to something better, but this???

I would try to create a new empty level project and test the spot light there in case any light setting has been changed.
And build only the lightning as well.

This is it :frowning: 4th project :frowning: (2.0 MB)
Copy that zip file and paste it to Documents>Unreal Projects, then extract it there.

Run the project from epic launcher>library.
And it should look like that:

If still nothing, there might be an issue with your UE or gpu :v


Thank you very much, yours is working. I am suspecting that there is some problem with “swarm” or with drivers. I will check them etc. Thank you again.

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It had to be verified. The Interesting stuff is the fact that the same problem was affecting several versions. Thanks again.

glad i could help :d

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