Huge performance issues with the editor in 4.26


I have horrible problems with performance of the editor in the newest version (4.26, not preview).
New blank project gets less than 50 fps in the viewport and that drops to less than 20 when opening any assets.
So editing an empty blueprint reduced the performance of the whole editor to 12-15 fps. That’s straight up unusable :frowning:

Everything run smoothly in 4.25.
Any idea what I can do / how I can figure out whats wrong?

im having the same issue. Compared to 4.25 im getting 48-60 fps in my dense forest area. 4.26 im lucky to get 30 fps, most of the time its 23

Just a guess, but have you made sure that MONITOR EDITOR PERFORMANCE is unchecked under Editor Preferences / General - Performance?

its totally broken. Land morphing broke (nothing scales around the water like it was when i first started), plus the water level isnt moving anymore when i move the spline. Rivers dont appear, only the spline does and no morphing of terrain is happening. Guess its still VERY experimental lol.

disabling the experimental ‘Water’ plugin and then restarting gave me back my full performance. I then re-enabled the water plugin and restarted, got back on in my main map and still kept my normal performance O_o

ya that was already unchecked for the project im in. (MMOkit 4.26)

I reported it after each 4.26 preview version but never got an answer.

It’s not just a performance issue. Like 8DrunkenGods said, it’s broken. Wait for the next update or if this is the last one, stick with 4.25.4 or wait for UE5.

Use legacy shading model deprecated in 4.26. Minus 15 FPS on my project on default lit shader model.

One thing i noticed in 4.26 , is if i play in third person game mode with default mannequin , my fps jump up significantly . So in my case it may be something with my character and 4.26 dropping fps.

Use legacy shading model deprecated in 4.26. Minus 15 FPS on my project on default lit shader model.

How do you switch to Legacy shader model from default?

Anyone ever figure out anything else about 4.26 FPS loss? Or know how to switch to legacy shader like mentioned above ?