Huge performance drop on moving only 4 AI. (using move to location or actor in a Behavior Tree)

Hello, i have serious framerate drops when my AI are simply using “Move to location or actor” node ine a BT task.

I have tried everything:

  • Move the AIs in the persisent level.
  • Move the Ais in the same sublevel as the NavMesh.
  • Executing: ( -simple move to / -AI moveto - / Move to location or actor ) Nodes, with the same result
    *I have tried enabling or diabling “Use pathfinding” same result
    *Tried enabling or disabling “Project goal on location” same result

It appears the lag does not occurs when the monsters AIs are not placed on the landscape but in a platform in the air.

I have checked the navmeshbounds is correctly setted up with “P” key.

Here is my BT:

Here is the move to player task:

Here is the move to random location task:

Here is the Move to initial location task:

and my Monsters Ai have only this in their blueprint:

The AIs are there , placed or spawned is the same result lagging:

But its not lagging when placed here on the platform in the air:

You should try the visual logger and check the path it’s trying to calculate, you can also double check on the frequency of your service calls and maybe spot any BT errors.