Huge pack of photo-scanned assets

Hello there dear fellow unreal developers,

For the past couple of months I am in the process of creating a huge pack of photogrammetry assets. This pack will include many kind of assets such as industrial props, tools, clothing, household items, buildings, melee weapons and many natural items, such as…rocks (of course there would be rocks).

For this package Ι have tried to develop a complex technique that includes photographing the items in the studio (whenever it is possible) in order to have controllable and optimal lighting. The final step would be to optimize each asset for performance in real, production games. That means low triangle count, lods and inexpensive shaders, without sacrificing quality.

Since this will be the very first pack i will submit to the marketplace, i would like to get some feedback, to see if i am on the right track. That’s why I am sharing with you guys, what else, a free rock!

Photoscanned Rock 1 by romfeo on Sketchfab

This rock is not yet optimized, it has something like 6K tris and not the final shader, but I hope it will give you an idea of the results I am trying to achieve.

Looking forward to hear your critique.

You can download the free rock (just remember, still wip) from here.

Awesome, what do the interior household items look like, we could use some good looking electronics for interior renders :smiley:

Thanks for your interest. I will post more info soon