Huge Landscape Optimization!

Hi Friends :slight_smile:

I have been unity 3D Developer for years, but now I decided to use UE4 for my RPG game.

I have a lot of questions :confused: there’s some of them

  1. I found LAM (Landscape Auto Material) I like it but I’m think it’s not “Game Ready” and needs huge performance. what do you think about it? should I use it for my RPG game?
  2. Unity Engine has occlusion culling ( see the video for more info : Occlusion Culling In Unity3D-Pro Tutorial - YouTube) does UE4 has same system? if does, can you give me a tutorial or something else.
  3. If you know some other optimization tips give an advice :slight_smile: I’ll be happy <3

thank you in advance

and also I want to make community friends to discus about some topics :smiley: My Fb acc : Redirecting... Gmail:

Your title is amazingly misleading. :stuck_out_tongue:

hi, sorry about that :smiley: I recognized and I’ve changed title :smiley:

Occlusion Culling Overview:

As for LAM, you’re just going to have to comb through videos to learn more before you get it. I had bought it, but I am not going to be using it sadly.

Can you tell me why? ;/

To get it respectfully game ready was going to take a lot away from the quality of it, so by the time I’d got a good enough result, I’d toned it down so much, why even have it. So I am using bump offsets on certain landscape layers rather than a kinda maybe sorta tessellated landscape.

I am actually in the process of a big open world project myself, and I am looking into “re-adding” tessellation into my landscape, so LAM, at least for me, is good for research and learning :slight_smile:

I’m going to redownload LAM and I’ll update here if it’s faster than earlier versions. Also, if your interested, I’ll post back my results for the landscape tessellation and its performance.

Since a few version ago, LAM has greatly improved in performance ‘out-of-the-box’, so scaling down will only make it faster.

thank you for reply … :slight_smile: If you know optimization tips can you share it? :confused: p.s. good luck to your project <3 <3

Maybe I try it :confused: I see video demonstrations and it looks great

Glad to help. As for other Optimizations, have a look though these:

I couldn’t give any tips just yet, I am just creating a demo scene, so as long as my demo runs above 60FPS, it can be as unoptimized as it wants :slight_smile: lol

Thank you. Good luck with your project as well!

Thank you so much