Huge framerate drop when game window unfocused (4.5/4.6)

I’ve just updated my project from 4.4 to 4.6, and evidently there’s a new feature that drastically reduces the resources uses by UE4 when the game window loses focus. That’s all well and good for some cases, but my project needs to keep running at full speed while I switch to other windows. Is this a setting I can toggle somewhere, ideally in the C++ code or config files?

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Hey -

It actually is possible to disable that feature through the editor. If you open Edit->Editor Preferences and select Miscellaneous under the General heading you can uncheck the box for “Use Less CPU when in Background” option.



fyi: still works with 4.15.1

It’s now under Edit->Editor Preferences->General->Performance
“Use Less CPU when in Background”

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I’ve unchecked “use less CPU in background” but still inactive window drops frames. Any idea? I’m using 5.2

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