Tower Defense, RPG - PC

About the game:
The Hue Defense is the first projet from the Brave Wolf Studio. Its a tower defense game with rpg elements. The enemy is radical political and militants who want destroy the Hue country. Based on Brazil reality.


  • More then 10 maps.
  • Map at day and at night.
  • Themed towers.
  • Effects and combos.
  • Caricatured enemies.
  • Easter Eggs.
  • Based on reality.
  • Player level.
  • Difficulty options.

Vote in us in greenlight!


The Brave Wolf Studio:
Is a new small studio made by four friends.

The Communists.

Always preach freedom and equality, however do the opposite, destroy and growing poverty, leading to misery any nation.

Coxinhador Tower

People say as much about “coxinhas” around, one day they invent a tower shoot these things.


Is the “pseudo-oposition” to left.

Haah, thats freaking awseome!

Camera test.

Prop with animation test.

Loving the art style!

Best of luck getting it all together!

Muito bom!!!

Looks interesting.

Thanks guys!

More 2 towers:

Rubber Gun
The basic tower on game, shoot rubber bullets, in portugueses will be called “human rights” because peoples thinks the human rights guys only defend criminals in brazil. The name is portuguese is choose by public votation in facebook.

Pepper Spray
Make the enemy slow.

Concept art:

Tower ingame:

A beta-preview.
We are working a lot to improve the graphics!

More info in our facebook pages.


The toy-like graphics are pretty sweet :slight_smile: Is there going to be a video some time soon?

Hello MarkusLappalaine!
We alread working in the trailer, we want make it better before publish, so the trailers is gonna be ready and publish in this and/or next month (probabily in the next month).

The game is alread 90% done, will be launched in march (we hope).

Hello Defenders!

A preview of the gameplay ‪#‎HueDefense‬

What you think? What is good? What we can improve?

The game is currently in beta stage, the video does not represent the final version of the game.

Some pictures from the last saturday screenshot! :slight_smile:



Hello defenders!
In finally we put our project in greenlight!

Trailer available at the greenlight page.

Please vote and share!

Hello players, developers, game lovers!
I’m send my game to steam greenlight, the focus is for brazilian team (because its a game focus in regional and political humor) but i rly want a feedback from people out from brazil too.

Please see the trailer and on greenlight ( ) and send us a feedback!

Thanks a lot!

One more update, i start re-make the make, the first version is made in 2D but after a discursion we decide make a 3D map too.


Still working in the map. :slight_smile:

Almost end the world map :slight_smile:


I’m happy with the last update on engine, let us make a nice cutscenes.

Project and on game work.