HUD text drawn over initial value

I have created a simple HUD for a drivable vehicle, which displays basic information. I used UMG, and most of the work is done in C++. All information is provided to the HUD by the car’s movement component, in the car’s tick event. The throttle and brake indicators are working correctly. However, there is an issue with the speed and RPM indicators.

I have implemented them as TextBlocks and tried two methods of setting their text:

  1. setting it directly with SetText
  2. setting a variable with C++ and binding it in Blueprint.

    In both cases, the text is drawn over the initial values of 0 kmh and 1200 RPM. I have tried removing the code responsible for drawing the HUD (to check for doubles), but then the HUD disappeared entirely.
    Any ideas on what may be causing the issue?