HUD synchronization problem between client and server

I’ve got a game mode that populate a widget which is my basic HUD :

AddHud is set in “Reliable” and “Multicast”. Ref_Hud is set in "Replicate.

My widget contains 2 butons :

And when you click on “Host server”, you reach an other level with the listen value to be a “Listen Server” :

When I launch the game, my HUD is displayed on my server but not on my client.

If I click on my “Host server” button, my server changes level, and my HUD is displayed on my client. And I don’t know why :

Do you know why ?

If you can explain this to me, that would be awesome.


Problem solved : by adding the HUD on the game mode, the client couldn’t have it too. I created an other blueprints called HUD_holder that is present in my level and contains the HUD widget.