HUD stretching in editor preview mode

I’ve noticed that HUD in editor preview (when you just press play button) has issues. My game is designed to run in portrait mode, so both camera (ortogonal) and hud are set to this aspect ratio.
In editor preview however, preview area does not adjust to aspect ration of camera. This doesn’t have to be an issue per se, but one problem is that HUD gets stretched out over whole preview-viewport instead of adhering to aspect ratio of camera and HUD-design. reason why I’m pretty sure this can also be considered a bug is because it causes ‘Draw Debug String’, attached to an actor, to be printed at wrong location. If I resize editor preview viewport to portrait aspect ratio, debug string correctly shows up at actor location.

Hi BramV,

editor viewport window is not designed to resize itself during PIE. If you need to test at a particular aspect ratio, you can do so with Play in New Window, which you can adjust using Advanced Settings, or in Editor Preferences > Play > Play in New Window.

Would be nice though if you could choose whether UI stretches out over screen, or stays in aspect ratio that you designed it for…

I agree, this should be a toggle.