HUD Size buttons

You need to setup anchors. One of my favorites is to set the pivot to 0,0 instead of 0.5,0.5 and then change the 0,0 one above to 0.5 0.5 and set the anchor to the center and then it will always be centered regardless of the resolution

anchors are key in these you need to do alot of experimentation.reading/tutorials etc. they can be complex sometimes and there is no magical answer except “anchors need to be setup properly” you can test any resolution of course with te button at the top of widget designer graph. It really depends on your layout but your buttons need to be anchored to something where they will stay in position, again generally I use the center of a border with the pivot and such changed so its centered perfectly at positon 0x and 0y and size xxxx and yyyy everytime

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Hi guys, I’m trying to make an hud for my game, but I found one issue here. If I made one game to different devices, I must do one HUD for each device with display resolutions different?

Type: to iOS I have 1920x1080, one HUD and to Android 1024x768, another HUD.
Why I’m asking this, because, I’m trying to maintain the position of buttons on screen, and when I resize my window, the positions of buttons change completly.

Someone can bring light to my mind?

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