Hud Setup up help

Hello, I am setting up a HUD and I am running in to some issues…I like to set it up so:

If its on a pull-out tab, the user can click on the tab and the hud will slide out.
while in a game be able to activate\deactivate the cursor so I can actually go over and click on the tab and the options I want.
when I push down on a button it stays pressed till I click it again.
have the Hud slide back when I click on the tab.

Thank you

Make a button on the tab that activates a timer that moves the tab or stretches it from width = 0 to width = 1 then make the buttons visible after the stretch. You could also use the scroll box and hide the scroll slider and stretch out the slider box without distorting the buttons.
I would also make a screen sized Invisible button behind the pullout tab that slides it back in when pressed so clicking anywhere on the screen would also deactivate it.

When the button is pressed you could change the color and other grafix of the button to look like it is pressed. Then change it back when pressed again.

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