HUD question

I have two huds BP. Journal and Inventory. How i can change from BP, player HUD class ? Journal / Inventory or other by presed key.

Easiest is to do a Branch on the state of a boolean variable in your HUD controller. Make it draw one thing when the boolean is on, and another thing when it’s off. Then toggle this boolean with a key input.

The Vehicle Template HUD does this, to support pause menu versus driving information.

Thx. But i want to know how i can change HUD class from BP or it’s not posibile. When i changed GameMode=>SetHUDClass , playerController => GetHUD - returned default HUD.
(I knows what i can change HUD from WorldSettings)

I would create a BP_HUDManager probably as an Actor, and have it spawn BP_Journal and BP_Inventory as and when you need them. BUT that is based on what I would do in Unity, isn’t the HUD somehow related to the GameMode? Maybe you can only have one HUD at a time.

Maybe i can’t change HUD in runtime. All examples works with switch in MAIN HUD.

You should stay with one HUD and do a branch.

Just make 2 different functions, one for drawing the Journal, the other for the inventory.

You want to use some of the same functions and variables anyway, so my advice is to stay within one BP. Not even sure you can change between them.