HUD problems

Be more specific. How did you made the inventory slots? How are you trying to add them to the inventory? Did you follow a tutorial like UMG UI Inventory?
We need more info.

Hello guys, I am going to put this in the hope that someone will help me, I want to customize the inventory slots and I honestly do not know how to do it, I do not find much information on the subject, I try to make my own images but I cannot add them to the inventory since I cover the button that I want to customize, also the slot appears in that gray color that I still don’t understand how to change.

Yes, use the exact same tutorial to do my HUD. It is exactly the same, the problem is that I do not know how to decorate or customize all this, that is, add frames to the slots with images created in photoshop, and that by adding those images you can interact with the button without the button being below of the image making it part of the inventory, look at this:

I still don’t understand. Can you explain a little more.

Yes, well first of all sorry for my English it is horrible but I do not have much knowledge since I am Spanish, the fact is that I want to customize my HUD, if you look at the boxes they are gray but I have put a picture in the background black, even so they are still gray this is the problem number 1, it is second is that I want to put an image on my inventor buttons and that image covers the buttons when I put it, I can’t find any information about it

yes but the image that I put on it covers my buttons and I cannot interact with them

it’s just what i want

You mean, something like this:

Create a new widget - call it for example, HUD_Inventory.

First, add the image and select the grid image.

Second, create the inventory, just like in the tutorial (InventoryMenu, slots, …)

Third, adjust the grid image

Here is my test:

Now, in the GameHUD, where you already have the health bar and others, just add User Created > HUD_Inventory.

The most important thing, is for the grid image to be behind the buttons in the hiearchy.

Are you making the images children of the buttons? Or just putting them on top of the buttons in the viewport?

If you go to your hierarchy area and make sure that the image is listed under the buttons with an indent (like folders that are inside folders) then it is a child. Children shouldn’t ever prevent their main components from functioning in UMG.

lets go try this, ty so much for your time, i will tell you how it has been later, again thank you very much

On the one hand I have an image that I made in photoshop, that image has holes that I made and that act as a kind of mask, adding details to the background image, so I am not interested in putting the image of the buttons and objects that I got on top of this, since there would be black squares on top, even so I still cannot remove the gray color from the box and I still cannot create the effect I want. I will follow the tutorial again but I don’t know what else to do

In the end I have chosen to use a scroll box, it looks nice, simpler and works better, I still don’t know how to decorate these things and I still can’t find information about it

Wait, which one did you want (left or right):

I tought you wanted the one in the left, where you play with the alpha channels to make the “dirt” be everywhere, except in front of the actual drawings.

For the one on the right, select the grid, go to Behavior, then Visiblity and select "Not Hit - Testable … ". That will make the image not “clickable” and will not interfere with what’s behind it.

I know, but I have made a blind so that when I hit the inventory key, it only appears every time I hit the key and not all the time on the screen, the only problem with that is if I put that option on option to see only when I give the inventory key is deleted and the image always appears on the screen

now its a scroll box but its the same