HUD only showing in standalone window

Hi guys.

I am having an odd issue that I have never seen before.

I am using 4.13, Windows 10 64bit.

Basically, I have widgets that are supposed to show on the screen when I play the level. When I play it in a standalone window or from a blueprint screen, the Widgets show like they are supposed to. But when I play the level from the main editor window, they will not show at all. I have never seen this before. I am not sure what specific information to include here would be helpful. Oh yes, I compiled UE 4.13 from source. I do not know if that makes a difference or not.

Any ideas guys? Thank you in advance.

Edit: Also, I was not sure where this should be posted. This post can be moved or I can delete it and post it again in the correct forum.

could you show us a screenshot of your blueprint?