HUD Not Showing Up Anymore

Hello, I am new when it comes to UE4. I have fiddled around with it several times in the past and have recently been following a tutorial to give me knowledge and inspiration on how I would want to go about developing my trading card game project. However, I find myself in a bit of a standstill. I tried making a basic User Interface module [titled MainMenu]. I have a level named MainMenu too. For a while, I had it working just fine where I was able to start the game, and the main menu would load. However, I tried adding in mouse capturing and keyboard input, and now my HUD won’t show up at all. I’ve tried basic “Add to Viewport” functions on the level blueprint, player controller blueprint (level casting to PC), but nothing seems to work. I didn’t change anything with the blueprint layout, but I did change some settings for input. I don’t know what else could be causing it to not show up. My only guess is if I’m not loading in as a player and I’m not viewing the HUD. Keyboard input is still accepted, as I can press the Escape key to close the game. Attached below is a screenshot of my current blueprint diagram. Any information that could be provided towards a solution would be extremely helpful!

Hi man,
that piece of blueprint alone should work,
if your mainmenu is something visible (it is right?)
so you have to Break down your problem,

Is this event fired? is in a actor that exist in the level?
Try making the same thing in the level blueprint- begin play.

Are you sure that you are viewing from the player 0 ?

are you in a online multiplayer? are you calling this from host or client?