HUD not displaying in 4.22 packaged game

Here’s what the hud normally looks like

And here’s what the HUD looks like in the packaged/Launched game
Half of the time I try to package or Launch the game it crashes.
I’ve been playing in-editor just fine for weeks…

Here’s a .zip of the crash log files if it helps

[crash log][2]

This only started happening after I upgraded to 4.22 from 4.21

I’ve had successful builds/packaged games with the HUD working

I didn’t change anything major since, so It’s leaving me puzzled?

Has anyone had a issue similar to this?

EDIT: more info;
I created a fresh project and tried building/packaging the game with a hud no problems there. So it’s probably specific to this project.

Replacing my HUD with the default FPS one (with the crosshair) has the same issue

okay so if anyone is having this issue between 4.21 & 4.22
The solution for me, was to spawn the widgets on the HUD shortly after the Gamemode initializes. I think the HUD class get initialized in a different order in 4.22…

Just a delay 0.2 on spawning the widgets did the trick.

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I know it has been quite a long time, but could you explain/show how you did that?