Hud not display in all project

I face strange problem and i can’t figure out where is the problem
I saw Tesla Tutorial how to appear text in screen

I follow his tutorial but i found strange problem , he opened Realistic Rendering Example and when he went to blueprint section he click the create hud
I opened my new project and i didn’t see this option , something wrong …or maybe i’m wrong?


Finally while playing in editor i already found this option , in content browser click left mouse and choose blueprint, pick parent class will appear , go to costume class under menu and right hud in search , you will find hud .


Now after i choice this hud i opened this blueprint hud and i follow Tesla tutorial, after that time to test ,andl also i add new font



What the result … the text doesn’t appear , i don’t know where is the problem.
I tested in Render Realistic Example and its work …but no matter i try other project doesn’t work

The question is?

1- How to appear this option in blueprint section in game blueprint


2- How to appear text in any project ?


simply create gamemode first, and you will see it.

Could you please explain more , sorry if i ask silly question:rolleyes:

Finally i resolve my problem thanks to PenguinTD after create new blueprint for hud i forgot not assign my new blueprint hud to game mode for hud class . thank you