HUD messages

Anyone know the blueprint for displaying a HUD text message. Those that appear at the top of the screen. The equivalent of ‘you are hot’, ‘you died’, ‘You leveled’ etc?

Many thanks

Something along the lines of Send Server Client Notification. It’s whatever one says Client. You’ll have to get the size and color of the text to your liking. You can also play sounds (level up, etc).

Many thanks you put me on the right track, finally found: SendServerNotification on ShooterGameMode! Can target a player or team, exactly what I wanted.

I was trying for variations of Message and Text didn’t think of Notification, again many thanks!

u can always apply a buff to a player so only they see it and not the whole server

That’s only good if you want a message at the beginning of a buff or state change, the client notification works whenever, can be repeated, etc.