HUD menu not showing up on screen with "M" key

Hello again…
I have followed this video which is the example HUD game: https://www./watch?v=7gwgU0UPENA
I have literally copied every thing correctly but when I press “M” the menu doesn’t show up.

This is the Blueprint event interface set up which is called My “HudInterfaceEventsBPI”

This is the whole HUD event Graph named “MyHUD”

Event Receive Draw HUD

HUD interface events

Draw health bar and screen text

Draw objective locator

Draw pause menu buttons

Inside the draw button function

Events for clicking menu buttons

MyGame defaults

I can’t seem to get the pause menu to show up when I press the “M” key and its driving me nuts!
If I tick the Menu Open tick box in the HUD defaults, then start the game the menu opens when the game starts without pressing the “M” key.

This is in the MyHud Blueprint and doesn’t work.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong? :s

Thanks a lot!

Last time i checked the HUD BP doesn’t capture key presses. Move the key press to you player controller and either cast to you HUD and set the “open Menu” bool or use the BPI function for setting it.

I got it to show up by having this in MyCharacter Blueprint.

But that is it. I don’t get a mouse pointer and I can still control my pawn.

decided to place it in player controller blueprint so i can enable the mouse pointer but nothing happens when i click. still trying to figure it out. :stuck_out_tongue: