HUD looks aliased and blown out

Hey again! I’ve been setting up a HUD and an issue I’m having (as shown) is that while both the icons (transparent TGAs) and the font I’m using look great in the UMG editor, ingame they look jagged and blown out. Any idea what could be causing this?


hi, It may help us help you if you give us more details on how you made these transparent icons, and maybe show us what the assets look like.

Sure! Here’s how things look in the editor:

Here’s the font:

And here’s one of the icon textures:

The font is a TTF and the icons are 32-bit TGAs.

can you try and make the icon a material? and use a mask for transparency and see if that solves it? I am no expert in this but I hope this will fix it.

Try setting mip setting to no mip or sharpen.

Yeah, setting to no mip should work.

Just tried setting to no mip and making a material–neither seems to have made much difference:

Is it possible the HUD is getting drawn over and over itself every frame and ruining the alpha mask? That’s the only thing I can think of.

Of course, I’ve seen many people make the mistake of creating their UI multiple times and adding them all to the viewport.

Well, I found the problem–I was creating & adding the Health and Ammo widget on Event Tick. So it was just stacking thousands of HUDs. WHOOPS

I was having another issue where framerate would slowly drop the longer I played. That seems to be solved too :v