Hud/Item Menu Popup ??

Been messing with blueprints for the past few days trying to learn them (am not a coder more of an 2d/3d artist so wanting to try do everything with just blueprints heh)

managed to learn a lot “i think haha” from all the tutorials on the ue youtube channel. but am stuck on an idea i had.

Looking to show a clickable menu when i mouse over a usable actor ingame.

so far i have it so i can click and use items using a blueprint interface. but that only allows me to do 1 thing (ie: toggle light on and off but i would like it so i can do more than 1 action to an item.
say like either turn light on or off or pickup item instead. with a little menu pop up with the options.

Ive attached an example image. very quick but it gets the idea across.


If Anyone is able to point me in the correct direction i would be grateful .


  • Chris.

Some pointers for nodes to look at
Draw Rect
Draw Text
Add Hitbox
Draw Line
Draw Texture
Draw Texture Simple

Let me know if you need more help.

Ok running in to a problem.

i am trying to get the objects location so i can place the menu/text on its location.
i can do it with the cursor location but it follows the mouse which is no goo.

i tried doing a get actor location > break vector for x and y in the actors blueprint then sending that to the hud bp. but when its plugged in nothing shows up even tho it shows the flow going through it.

the numbers are getting sent as i a print screen and it shows the location x and y numbers. so maybe i need to do some maths stuff? before plugging the numbers into the x and y on the bp?

here is a screenshot of the bps.

The problem with your solution is that HUD is 2d coordinates on the screen… which is probably 1920x1080 depending on your screen. The actor has 3d coordinates in the game world… and those are completely different coordinates, much much much larger in scale, and almost unrelated.

There is a node called “Convert screen position to world space”, but I can’t find one that goes the other way. It’s kinda late, but I might look for a solution tomorrow.

aw that will be why then.

ill try have a look for the node. thanks again.

looks like there is no bp solution to this yet until 4.3

unreal guy said in a post i found