HUD Input doesnt work?!


i have created a camera pawn BP. All the inputs are in the BP. It works :smiley:

Now i wanted to make a tutorial windows.

I have created a HUD. Wenn i use “Event Recieve Draw HUD” and “Draw Texture”, it works :smiley:
Then i have integrated an input and it didnt work?! :frowning:

Anyone knows, why?
Here is the picture:

I know, there is no asset :smiley: Cutted it out for this picture.

test with “enable input” and connect that with “get player controller”. :slight_smile:

It doesnt work. Any other idea?

Well, You could creater a custom event in HUD_BP, and then call it from Level Blueprint or Pawn

Hello raidfire,

As suggested by Mapache, you will need to enable input from the player controller. I have provided an example below. I hope this information helps.



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