HUD icon keeps flashing?

So i was following a tutorial to make a icon looked like you pressed down a key and you have to wait 5 secs before come active again, but the animation to the icon keeps flashing even when i hit the execute key instead of the 5 secs i wanted it to?? So the ScreenShots i have is my cool down system with the Variable that is a integer reference for 5 secs (not to sure if its the best way to approach it but it works, just that it shoots one time by it self??) and of course the blue prints for the animation for my HUD icon.

As a quick note, you don’t need/want the delay node on the event tick. if your planning on using it at a lower interval than every frame, you can change how often it triggers under the class defaults:

Can you link the tutorial?

This is for the count down tutorial it was the previous tutorial of the other link

So your specific error for the constantly flashing thing is here. you basically have a if(x == x) statement. which is always true, so it always will fire. from looking at the tutorial you want one of the pins to be a 5.

Note you will probably have some other inconsistent errors and activity because you are using a number of Do Once nodes with no way to reset them.

Additionally, because you have set your num loops to play to 0, it will continue looping indefinitely. you want that as a 1.
here is the documentation page for the play animation node (note the information on that pin)

So after making those changes I DID get the animation to work BUT! when just hitting play, the icon still flash’s in a constant speed, but if i hit the execute key it will start cool down then reset and works fine? but once it resets the first time the character fires the weapon once not triggering the animation?? but if i hit the execute button after that hiccup it works just fine after that point.

There’s too much unnecessary stuff going on in the tutorial. Here’s what you need:

And you bind the text value to the int variable, that part still stands.


The animation playing immediately is possibly tied to the initial value your giving Speed Countdown. if it initializes so the branch is true, that would explain the initial playing.

So i figured out the problem to the icon, the Hierarchy of images was under a different image and so with the animation track keep on popping one image over another, so in the Designer played fine but when the button executed during game mode kept on glitching between images. As for the random bullet pop off, fixed that by bringing the last wire from the count down to the reset of the Do once node.

Thanks for every ones help! much appreciated!

Glad you found the issue for the image. as a heads up, you don’t need the event series for the countdown to loop back anywhere, just remove that loop back and it will be fine.