HUD: How to make arrow pointing on object?

I’m currently trying to make HUD object (similar to compass) that will rotate arrow in a direction of object, think of a waypoint. How this can be done ?

Use a raycast from your pawn to the target. There is an HowTo in the docs..

  1. Get the the line trace to the target
  2. “Break Hit Result”
  3. “Find Look at Rotation” between the hit result location and your pawn and save it into a variable
  4. in your UMG, bind the “Angle” under “Render Transform” to said variable.

thx for help (-_^)

awesome dude thanks for this! i did it from the top down camera location to the objective object location worked perfect!

Sorry to necro this, but find look at rotation gives you a Rotator (XYZ) and the Angle for the Render Transform only takes a float. How do you convert the rotator to a float?