HUD Credits Update and get info

So I am trying to print to HUD a value or integer. The idea is to make a money system that passes with time, building more money as time goes on, and updates to the HUD every three seconds. I have the Event Receive Draw HUD and the Draw text. I then use blueprint interface to pull in the blueprints from the credit blueprint.

The Blueprint that generates the value starts with the event tick, goes to delay, then to set credits ( credits being my integer) then into interface credits. The credits value starts at 1, leads into add integer then to credit interface, and the target is get player controller to get hud.

It displays and runs with no errors, however it is not updating every three seconds like i need it to. Any thoughts or ideas? Don’t know how to screen capture my blueprints to put them on here.


if on PC its CTRL + PrintScreen. The you can paste that into paint or whatever photo edit software you use. Some don’t but I do recommend cropping to showing your side bar where you have your variables shown and the nodes setup if possible to get the best clarity also try to save as a PNG.

I put some screen shots up. Let me know if you can help please. Thank you.

you do see that you have a compile error? Unless its just a warning the compile never completed and the blueprint would not be updated to your changes.

Where is the interface getting its information from?

I’m not seeing the compile error. Sorry. Can you tell me where it is?

In your interface class you have a conflict with population

Ok, ill take a look at it to see if i can solve this.

So I did a rebuild of the entire thing from the beginning starting new. Still running into it not working. So I am stuck on this and it is just making me loose my mind. I found a video on youtube on how to make it subtract every tenth of a second, but I cant get mine to add every three seconds. I will post again my pictures to see what I am doing wrong. Still not seeing a compile error so far.


last one

This is what I see When I hit play and Leave it for thirty minutes or so.

Your blueprints won’t work for two reasons:

  1. Never use a delay or timer with a tick. Instead, use a timer in the begin play function and set it to loop every X seconds. Use it to call a custom event that calls the credits function.

  2. Use the events credit to set a variable in HUD. Then plug this variable to the text input you want. I am not sure about this but I believe the event execute should be at least connected somewhere for it to update.

Ok. I’ll give it a shot in the AM. Thank you formate help.

Still trying to figure it out. Having no luck so far, but I will keep trying to get it. Please don’t close this one yet.

Is there anyway you can post an example so that I can see what you are talking about?

There you go. Just got home. The thing is you should never use a delay or a timer with a tick.

Thank you so much!! I will give this a try tonight and if it does, I can finally mark this resolved!!

How do i make the one with target the the variable into one blueprint node like in the upper photo?

Thank you I just got it. Haha. The only down side is I am obviously doing something wrong because it just keeps saying 0 on my screen. Mine makes to the T yours, and my interface is good, but nothing. Ill keep at it. Maybe it will jump out at me. Thank you again for all your help.