HUD: Creating The Menus Help?

Hello, I had a quick question about the menus and stuff. I tried to do some research on my own, but I couldn’t find anything viable to work.

Things we need help on how to make
-Pause Menu: When the player presses a certain button they will have options to; Resume, Move List, Controller Input, Settings and Quit.
-Start Menu: When the game boots up the player must press start or options (PS) to be directed to menu
-Main Menu: After the start menu they will be prompted with a menu that has other options of gameplay sessions and modes; we need them to boot when clicked
-Main Menu (V2): When they click options, they have the opp. to change graphical features and resolutions that can drop and rise to ultra and low settings.

What I am asking of you: Can you direct us to some tutorials, I know I put this under blueprint, but any codes you may have or advice.

Maybe this could help you :
They are all good explained :slight_smile:

I can tell you one that I really love the most, all you need for this, after you created the widget etc., is to create a button click the create clicked event at the bottom which throws you into the event graph
and drag off to this ->