HUD/Canvas Masking Areas

Ive been trying to figure out a way for the past couple of weeks to mask out (clip) specific areas of the canvas in order to create scrollboxes.
I ended up not rendering anything below the scrollbox’s bottom and messing with the array’s start index in order to “scroll” up/down. It works but its very choppy.

Also ive tried into looking at how slate/umg widgets use clipping but it was a dead end since from what i understood with a quick look that slate just trims out the vertices when something is outside the clip zone,
which is pretty much impossible to do with the current hud/canvas without creating a rendering class from ground up which would require custom font rendering, rectangles etc.

After going up and down the answerhub and the forums many times i came across a few topics like this: Rectangular Masking for the HUD (/Canvas) - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

I believe that the PushMaskRegion / PopMaskRegion function would actually solve all my problems, from scrollboxes to minimap and much more but from what i see the function was deprecated from UE3 and it is now removed.

I am not sure weather you aware of this issue since its not too common.
Is there any chance that this function can be included again? (And maybe it could include functionality for custom areas by setting up points maybe? or radial areas). Or a workaround maybe?

EDIT: As a side note i just had a thought that this could also somehow get worked around by adding the functionality to create child canvases in HUD kind of like it works on UMG. Though, that way i dont see how it could support radial / custom sizes.

Keep up the amazing work!
Best Regards