HUD Canvas behind a mesh

Is it possible to put the HUD behind a mlesh (eg a cube) with Canvas.
For example in this image the next Tetrominoes are behind the HUD :

If not how can i do this ?

I think this is not possible because the hud is in 2D on the camera …
Maybe i can get the tetrominoe and draw it in 2D.

The HUD is not so easy to do for me :wink:

You could check out ScriptedTexture, added recently by Solid Snake to the engine, and render your HUD as a texture on a flat mesh plane, thus making it appear at angles or rotate or do anything you want with it :slight_smile:


I don’t know this for sure in UE4, but in the old Engines, you could easily render meshes on the Canvas, maybe that would be an option for you

Thanks both for the help.
I’ll be watching on the two options to see what i can do.

The HUD is yet the thing i find a little complicated to do in C++ with Unreal 4. Maybe when the “Slate Editor” will be here, it will be easier to do.