HUD Button


My first post and maybe a fairly easy for some of you:)
I just started to switch over from Unity and have a basic question. We usually use/used Unity for non gaming project and more for education purposes.
We usually create buttons on screen that triggers an animation, hide/unhide meshes , change material properties etc.
So my question is how hard it is to create and place buttons that I can then use to trigger things as described before.
I know that Blueprints are the way to go but don’t where to start

Any help would be appreciated



Well if you have access to version 4.4 you should be able to activate and use UMG (Unreal Motion Graphics) this is Unreals new GUI helper and can be used to create buttons ect.

Here would be the best place to start it has the basic documentation needed to get started.

Best of luck.

Yes I have and exactly what I need.

Thank you and made my day:)