HUD bp Help!

I downloaded this GREAT Radar Bp to use in my project…ckups-and-more

Only issue is that its a HUD class and is permanently on my screen, when I really need it to work with UMG or ateast find a way to render the Hud to a Render target Material that I could then USE in UMG.
I want the flexibility to put the radar on an internal cockpit screen, Not fixed to the player screen.

Or Even better make this logic work with the Holographic 3D mesh Radar I made.

What you want is probably a 3D widget. So instead of HUD I’d make a widget and then put the widget on an actor that you can place it in 3D space.

Here’s a tutorial. They don’t call it “radar”, they call it “mini map” but it’s actually nearly the same. Just look at the part where they create the widget with TextureRender2D and you’ll understand how they actually do it. Didn’t look at your radar HUD, but i think it can be converted rather easily.

Thanks Fronzelneekburm

I am already used to working with UMG thats what the info screen and weapon systems on those cockpit screens are.
I have also done what you linked in the post, And rendered a camera view to a dynamic material that I then could add in UMG to give me an external camera feed of the ship to my cockpit monitors
But the radar hud is a hud widget And I don’t think I can render it to a material, otherwise it would not be to much work for me to pull off.

If I am wrong I would like somebody to tell me how its can be done