HUD BP Branch only triggers once

I’m trying to send a pop up notification "You Killed " + Character Name that triggers from the death of the character blueprint. When the Character’s HP <= 0 the flag is set to dead which then triggers a custom event in the game mode blueprint that casts to the instigating character (the player that killed the current character). The Game mode BP then sets the killnotice flag on the instigating character, which will then trigger the HUD BP to pop up the "You Killed " Notice.

The curious thing is that it only works once on the client side, server side is fine.

After it works once on the Client, I noticed the KillNotice flag gets set sucessfully by the game mode blueprint, but for some reason it’s not triggering the Branch Node in the HUD BP. I’m not sure why it just stops after one time.

Things to note, the incoming nodes for Character BP is EventTick (so every tick it’s checking for death)
incoming node for HUDBP is EventDrawHUD (should be checking the flag each draw update)

Thanks for any insight to this!!

Try reseting your “DoOnce” node on the clientside after the notification has been sent.

I also thought this might be the case, but it still behaves the same even after resetting. Once a character dies it gets destroyed and respawned as a new actor, maybe that has something to do with why it only works once, but I still can’t understand the reasoning for one time.

One other thing to note is that if the character that got the kill, then dies, it will work again only once when that player gets another kill.