HUD and touch pad controls for iPad?

What would be the quickest and best solution to create and implement a HUD based control system for camera/character movement using UE4.4.1. on an iPad ?

I want this exact control and asset customization… I assume it is blueprint control using the HUD controls.

I would also like some info on customizing the HUD itself… ie : adding a transparent logo overlay in the top right corner of the ipad

Hi !

I would suggest to you to use UMG. This is Epic’s more ‘blueprint compatible’ UI/HUD system and is completely constructed in blueprints / a WYSISYG (What You See is What You Get) editor. For more information about this please go here: UMG UI Designer for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

By the looks of the UI this is extremely easy to recreate in UMG (but we don’t want to steal other peoples’ ideas/creations right? ‘Borrowing’ can get you into a lot of trouble). They have an image in the top left hand corner and a canvas panel (or maybe a horizontal grid) that has a ~50-75% transparent black background, that stretches all the way along the top of the screen. those other UI ‘popups’ are toggleable and are separate UMG files that get activated and deactivated on button presses.

That’s all I can gather from the video at the moment (I don’t have much time to analyse for you sorry). I’m sure someone more experienced could help you if you need further help.

Hope you accomplish the good things you want to do!

NOTE: Unreal Engine 4.5 seems to have some big improvements to UMG if the system does not currently satisfy your needs, just hold tight maybe a week or two for the update to be released :slight_smile: