HTML5 works in the editor but not when I package it:(

I have a small game. The example level and my main level. I build both levels with production quality lighting and under the File menu, package project, packaging settings I go to maps & Modes and change the Game Default Map to start my game on the ExampleMap level. So when I play my game it will start at the first level it needs to.
Next, At the top right Launch icon I click that and I try and launch an HTML5 game in firefox. It takes a few minutes and then a firefox window appears and the game compiles and eventually plays just fine.
When I go to File, Package project, HTML5 it asks me where I want to store the project and I tell it to put it in it’s own folder in my documents. It takes awhile and when It is done it tells me packaging complete.
I open the packaged project folder and it gives me these files:



inside Folder=

So it looks like everything worked:) My game runs beautifully. The sound, music, lighting, and shadows work in the game while I launch it while inside Unreal Engine 4.9
I try to open game-HTML5-Shipping (Firefox HTML Document)
and Everything loads on the web page but my game.
I see four blue buttons: Pause, Resume, Clear Stored Game, FullScreen
Then the game seems to be compiled below:

Starting downloads
Starting download Utility.js.gz
Starting download
Starting download UE4Game-HTML5-Shipping.js.gz
Utility.js.gz downloaded downloaded
downloading symbols file
downloading symbols file
symbols file downloaded, demangling…
callstack ready …
symbols file downloaded, demangling…
callstack ready …
UE4Game-HTML5-Shipping.js.gz downloaded
downloading symbols file
symbols file downloaded, demangling…
callstack ready …

But all I see is a pink little box where the game should be displayed up top:( What am I doing wrong?
This is my Game in the HTML5 folder it creates:
This is everything inside that folder:

same here…

Hey Everyone,

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sometimes it’s create.


Did you use HTML5LaunchHelper.exe? Use it and go localhost:8000//Dungeon-HTML5-Shipping.html

thats solved my issue , thanks :smiley: