HTML5, UE4, and Itchio

So, I just made the beginnings of my first solo game in Unreal, and I was hoping to upload it on so I could show it to people for feedback! However, I’m having trouble actually figuring out how to do that part on my Mac… I have packaged it twice, once for Mac and once for HTML5, and did so with a “Shipping” build. I’ve googled a bunch of help articles but none of them are making sense to me, so I was hoping to possibly get a more personalized explanation here. My main points of confusion:

  • Should I mark it as a “downloadable” or ZIP/HTML for browser project?
  • What files am I supposed to upload in the upload section (below pricing, above details)?
  • I’m not really familiar with github, terminal, or command line, do I need to know how those work just to do this?

I can provide pictures if needed, I’m just struggling with this a lot more than I probably should be. Thank you!

I’m not sure on the exact setup to get UE4 HTML5 builds to work on itch. But, don’t be afraid to try a few different combinations, itch has a publish as draft feature so you can preview your game to see if it works before pushing it live.

First off, I would try building it as HTML5 and then zipping that up and uploading that as your ZIP/HTML5 for browser project on itch and see if that works. If that doesn’t work, a possible fall-back option is to build a shipping build for each platform (windows, max, linux etc) and upload each of those to itch.