HTML5 Shortening Loading Time

I’ve been working on a project now since the start of this year and had to put the project on hold cause of school. The project in itself is done (it can be viewed here)

The loading time however was about 1-2 minutes long which is a bit too long. I’ve stripped down many textures that were enormous and made them only a fraction of the size they were before, and making sure they are the power of two. There are still one or two files that are big but considering the size has been drastically lessened, I don’t know how much they would impact.

Now the loading time is between 30 seconds to over a minute long, which is still a very long time. I have customized the html file so the loading bar isn’t visible anymore, which might add on to the feeling of waiting a long time. I have created a htaccess file on the ftp and zipped most of the content with gzip to make the loading time shorter, not sure if it was a success though. I’m now looking for a way to shorten the loading time even more (or maybe make some kind of distraction so it does not feel like a very long time?).

Any help would be appreciated!

Hey Dorial,

I’m experiencing problem with Gzip compression, could you please show how your htaccess file look ?


What your pc spec? And whats the project file size?