HTML5 rendering issues

Hi there, we are working on an HTML5 virtual tour and we are finding the next issues:

  • reflections:
    • materials with low reflection values reflect too much. In fact it seems that everything reflects at the same level.
    • non reflective materials (like the wall) makes an inverted reflection (white turns to black) (see first picture’s wall behind the long table). This issue is really annoying
  • normal map is exagerated
  • hdri doesn’t seem to be suported.
  • textures lose a lot of quality.

The glossyness you see is because texture_lod extension is not yet available on firefox stable. If you do a test on firefox aurora or nightly you should be able to see the difference. ( you can test the availabilty of extensions )

Regarding normal maps - I think that is bug. we will investigate.

You should test on mobile preview in the editor - If there’s a difference between that and HTML5 browser view then thats a legitimate bug. HTML5 follows the mobile ES2 rendering path.

Hi, we’ve made some test on mobile as you recomended. Results are quite similar but there is still a reflection issue. Specially inverted reflections (if you see the first screenshot I posted, there is a black stain on the wall which is in fact an inverted reflection, very weird).

One more issue we’ve found is that landscape splines are not rendered (while in the editor I can see the mesh associated to the spline, it is not rendered on HTML5)

what is the version of the engine that built this HTML5 with?
Cause I’ve almost killed my self to build an HTML with ue 4.6 and it just redirects me to this page and I did all the steps and it didn’t worked at all ether.
so I heard someone said that the 4.4 version is working well, is that right!?

Hi George,

exactly, we made it run on 4.4 version, although it wasn’t an easy process… I have an artist profile so I don’t really know what programers did to make it work, but if you have any questions I’ll ask them.

We should now jump to 4.6. and I am concerned about your words… please let us know if you find the source of the problem.

I have not find the source of the problem yet.
And It would be great if you can ask your programmers whether they use any special things to make it (ue 4.4) run or not.
Cause I don’t want to waste my time doing all those steps in ue 4.4 again and get nothing again.