HTML5 project don't work in Amazon S3

Good afternoon people,

I bought a space on Amazon for use with the Unreal 4.9, transfer all of my site and made the whole process for Unreal communicate with Amazon’s system.

So far so good, except that when I was doing the direct packaging for the Bucket it copies some files and two is missing, giving error. I will attach the log.

So I uploaded directly to Bucket using Amazon’s system. Except that when I test displays the syntax error, illegal character when he begins to read the file project_name.js.symbols.

Except that when I use HTML5LaunchHelper generated by Unreal, everything works well, that in my computer.

Is there any own configuration in the Amazon console I’m not doing? Does anyone have any tutorial, step by step, so I set up.

Has anyone had this problem, you will be some sets in Unreal?

Thanks in advance for your help

Had a quick look, this could be the problem:

Hi Errvald

As you can see those log lines,the system uploaded 7 files before saying that the key is incorrect

But is not the point. I do packing on my machine and then upload. The question is this not working when I upload, gives error when reading the file project_name.js.symbols.

Apps link

The upload is parallel, Its not necessarly the case that all upload succeeded. your S3 Keys are incorrect or with insufficient permissions - It may also be the case that the Parallel upload is throttled. do you mind making it serial and then uploading it.