HTML5 project does not work in web server

Hi guys,

I made a test project to export in HTML5, do the packaging and everything works perfectly on my computer with webserver provided in the package. But when I upload to the web server from Amazon S3 does not work anymore.

Gives error in reading.
Below sending the test link.

How can I solve this problem? Any special configuration on the Amazon S3 server is required?

Hey Damien2K15,

It seems like you are using compressed files - they need to be tagged correctly

in you amazon console you need to tag all files with .gz extention with Content-Encoding.

You can do that in Object properties -> Metadata in your aws console.


Btw, which version of Unreal Engine you are using, with 4.9 you can directly upload to S3 during Packaging, meta data is automatically set correctly for you.

Hi Ankitkk

First thanks for the help, it’s all working well now.

Yes I’m using version 4.9 and set everything to upload straight to S3. But after upload some files, the system stops working and give me a error. I am sending the attached log.

Hi Damien2k15

Can you help me??

I created an amazon account, but do not even know where to start, to host my project on a link on amazon . I’m trying to hours and did not think anything explaining how to put the files there.

Thank you.

Hello Ankitkk. How are you??? Can you help me, I do not know what to do …

Thank you.


If you are having trouble with HTML5 and you’re not receiving assistance on the forums, you’re more than welcome to submit a question to AnswerHub.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello .
I’ve looked for someone there who had the same problem but found no one .
I already have my project in HTML ready. I created an account on amazon , but may not know where to start to host the project on a site .

Thank you for answer

If you’re not sure where to upload your HTML5 project on an Amazon site, you may need to contact their customer service to see if they have a special way of setting it up. However, if you’ve gotten it set up and you’re running into errors, make sure that you post a question if you’ve looked for an answer and it wasn’t there.