[HTML5] Plans for HTML5/WebGL?

Hi everyone!

At this moment the support for HTML5/WebGL is not official, and developers has to make their own solutions. I really want to use UE4,on the project I’m going to start, but is essential to run games on the web browser.

The question is, can you estimate a date for the HTML5/WebGL official support?

Thanks for the support!

Hi Fskyline,

At the moment there is no definite date on when we will be fully supporting HTML5/WebGL. We’re currently waiting on an update from Emscripten which is used in conjunction with UE4 to to get games working on the HTMl5/WebGL platform. Once that’s out, more support for the platform will follow. In the meantime, it is possible to go ahead and start working with HTML5. You can find documentation here: Sharing and Releasing Projects for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Hope that helps!

-Max B.

Thanks Máx B. for the answer! I’ll be keeping an eye on that!

Is it absolutely necessary to Emscripten from source with the Fastcomp compiler core? Or is there any sample which will work even without that?

Also, is only VS 2010 SP 1 supported? Can I use the VS 2010 express edition?

Emscripten SDK 1.16 released today so the Building Emscripten from Source portion of the documentation is now invalid. Using just the Web Installer package you should be able to install Emscripten and be ready to generate HTML5 builds.

I tried building a basic template project but I’m getting an error “Bad use of setjmp. Should only call it”.

Yes, I hava the same issue, and struggle for it some days, really need an official response to this problem :frowning:

It looks like the current process is broken with the new update from emscripten. We’re working on fixing this but there is currently no ETA on the fix.

-Max B.

Hi everyone! I want to re-open this post. Maybe there are more options now with HTML5. We are developing a project with UE4 to package in HTML5. we are working with source code and Emscripten with success, we can do the package to HTML5 (it can run in Firefox only). But now, I have some questions: When could we see a release with HTML5 operative? When can we see our HTML5 projects run in all browsers? Now, have you got some Unreal dev-version with more options for this platform? It’s possible to work with this? Do we need some custom license to have access? Thanks!!

Hi can you please tell me which version are you working with!?
cause I’ve killed my self to do the same job with 4.6 but the engine only redirects me to the guide page for HTML5. (I’ve read the page and I’ve done every steps but nothing have changed)

As I said on the forums, have you got Emscripten 1.25.0 installed and set up on your PC?

Hi George!! I am working with the 4.6 dev version and Emscripten 1.25.0. To install this you must follow the HTML5 guide page. And this post it’s interesting to package projects:

Maybe, we can package better with 4.7 dev version… i don’t know if we can use emscripten 1.27 now.