HTML5 packaging with datasmith imported project

Hello. i am struggling to publish my project for web preview. Had a lot of hiccups, now i am guessing one last problem remains but i cant seem to find out what it is.

I tried packaging a simple emtpy file and it loaded fine but was just a black screen.
I packaged a blank file with startup assets(the chairs) and it loaded fine and worked!!
I packaged a blueprint first person sample scene and worked

On all those scenes i didnt add empty C++ code or add project files (from the explorer and project file right click)
Just hit package and worked.

On my project which was imported from 3d max with datasmith i get this error(see screenshot) i tried packaging after deleting 1 object at a time and ended up with an empty scene and still it crashed when i launched the HTML5helper and typed in the adress in the localhost in chrome. It starts loading all the megabytes and it spits out this error. I deleted all the blueprints, all the objects from content and it still crashes like that… so it shouldnt be a high poly count or high res textures…

What can it be ?