HTML5 packaging via "File -> Package Project -> HTML5" doesn't work

In the UE4 editor, if I try to package a project via File -> Package Project -> HTML5 option it creates the package, but doesn’t work. A black screen shows up when I try to run the project’s HTML file (via localhost:8000). Have tried all possible combinations of package settings (Dev/Shipping/Cook everything etc.)

However, when I package the project via the “Launch” option (for Firefox Nightly build), it works.

I’ve created a blank project with “Desktop/Console”, “Scalable 2D/3D” and “No Starter Content” settings.

Anybody else facing this issue? Thanks.


PS: It works if “With Starter Content” option is chosen, via* File -> Package Project -> HTML5*. But I’d like to start out with a minimal project and build up on that.

Hi interceptor,

Did you have a look in the menu Edit -> Project Settings -> Maps & Modes to see if the Game Default Map and Editor Startup Map are correct?

Thanks, . That was the issue.