HTML5 Packaging -> Tutorial Window?


Just tried to produce some html5 demo. I am on Win7 64 bit, compiled the latest UE4 Editor (4.4.3-0+UE4). Also installed the emscripten sdk. Restarted the Unreal Editor, but when I try to package for html5, the tutorial window opens. Anybody some idea what could be wrong?


this happens -although it’s weird- when one of the dependencies of the target platform is missing,
in your case make sure you have your EMSCRIPTEN environment variable pointing at the right path of “emcc”, you may need to double click the “GenerateProjectFiles.bat” file again and rebuild the editor

EMSCRIPTEN Version 1.22.0 too new?

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. “GenerateProjectFiles.bat” gives me this -> “EMSCRIPTEN sdk found but of unexpected version, pleasen install version 1.21.0”


I installed the EMSCRIPTEN version 1.22.0. So where do I find the oder version? The Website where ENSCRIPTEN can be downloaded, does not offer version 1.21.0 (or i was not clever enough to find it).


Since HTML5 is quite experimental anyway I would recommend compiling the 4.5 preview release. Among other updates it also works with the 1.22.0 version of Emscripten.

I spent the whole weekend trying to mess with UE 4.4.3 and Emscripten 1.21 to produce HTML5 projects. It was a NIGHTMARE and all I ever got was BUILD FAILED even when Win64 was successful.

I downloaded 4.5 from Git this morning with the 2 required packages and the Optional HTML5 files and was successful in building a simple HTML5 project. Don’t forget to install Emscripten 1.22

Check this link out to learn more. read comment #8

there are extra steps involved like rebuilding the automation tools and frontend, you actually package the game through frontend.
its a ton of messing and you will likely get lots of errors to fix along the way, most have solutions if you search.
best of luck

Have you found a solution yet _wes? All of that you wrote about is the same exact thing that happened to me.

I fixed the Tutorial problem installing the correct Emscripten version but I got building errors.

Would version 4.5 be the solution as rennsix said?

tegleg, what do you mean by “package the game through frontend”? Can you post a screen capture of that?